Hi, I’m Juan

I’m a 27-year-old Argentinian-Italian web designer and frontend developer living in Buenos Aires and looking forward to moving to Europe or USA. I’m a really curious person, and in spite of having a university degree, I consider myself a self-taught person constantly learning and always looking for new things to improve.

Besides my passion for design and coding, I love and spend a lot of time travelling and taking photos. Feel free to visit my Unsplash page.

My main focus nowadays is emotional design, web animation, and accessibility.

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Soy Solo

Soy solo is a book of honest stories about leadership to be happy in the 21st century and beyond by Leo Piccioli.

Leo requested me to create a landing page for his brand new book, Soy solo. He wanted a simple, clean, fast website and I designed and developed one for him.

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Soy Solo's website screenshot
Neolo's website screenshot


Neolo is one of the most important web hosting company in Latin America with more than 80,000 websites and 14 years of experience.

Since Neolo is constantly growing and expanding, its website needed to be able to adapt to their necessities and be responsive to that. My role in this project was to redesign the complete experience, create a new UI and develop the frontend.

For this job I tried to focus mainly on emotional design and create reusable blocks that could work for the different pages.

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DonCupones was one of the most important discount coupons website for online stores in Spain for 5 years, with 900 virtual stores and more than 5,000 active coupons. In 2018 it was acquired by 20minuto.es.

I worked on DonCupones for the past 4 years as a lead designer and frontend developer keeping the site up with the latest trends and technologies. I did not design or develop the new website, but this image is the last design I made.

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Doncupones's website screenshot

Frontend work

I’ve been working for more than 3 years as a frontend dev at Pixel2HTML. But, what’s Pixel2HTML? Lemme tell you. Pixel2HTML is FrontEnd Development Company that helps Freelancers, Startups & Agencies to get the best HTML/CSS and JavaScript code for their site.